Inner Source Organic Hemp/Coconut Massage Oil

Organic VT full-spectrum CBD blended with USDA-certified organic Hemp and Coconut MCT oils. Anti-oxidant, anti-tumoral and anti-inflammatory; Loaded with Omegas, magnesium, cannabinoids and other vital nutrients, our exquisite blend has a composition similar to skin lipids which makes it an excellent natural emollient and moisturizer, especially useful for tired or dehydrated skin and nails. Inner Source Massage Oil increases skin elasticity and water retention capacity in tissues, and can also be used to treat dry hair.

Use on all parts of the body to relieve stress, lubricate, fight aging and ease pains!

Organic Frankincense Essential Oils and Hydrosol

Organic Frankincense Essential Oils (Carteri and Frereana) – This is an extremely unique resource and opportunity: Organic ethically-sourced Somali frankincense distilled to exceptionally pure essential oils in Vermont! Prized internationally, our distiller supplies some of the largest cosmetic, body care and aromatherapy companies in the world. Anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. Invigorating yet soothing; Ancient secret of happiness and balanced mind and body, an essential home remedy and care companion. Excellent for diffusers, topical, oral ingestion, aromatherapy, etc.

Organic Frankincense (Carteri) Hydrosol – Pure VT hydro-distilled ethically-sourced Frankincense water with light, sweet woody scent. Refreshing toner that tightens and brightens skin, soothes blemishes, and reduces fine lines. Mother Nature’s anti-aging secret! Awesome for hair, too, as well as a nice air freshener. Use often and refill regularly!